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asked questions

What areas/cities do you service?

We serve amazing home cleaning and office cleaning clients in the Greater Toronto Area, specifically in Markham, Stouffville, Toronto, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa. If in doubt, give us a quick call (416.628.4905) or drop us an email (mona@monacleaning.com) to check if your location falls within our service area.

How do I get a quote?

It’s simple. Click here (hyperlink) to fill in a quick quote request, or if you’d prefer to talk, great – we’d love to chat. Call us at 416.628.4905, and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Why should I choose mona?

Mona uses top quality high-end environmentally friendly cleaning products that won’t harm your health or the earth in the process of making your place enviably, undeniably gorgeous, while still providing the reassurance of that deep ‘inner beauty’ clean.

Our clients love that their living and working spaces are left with a beautifully natural, serene spa-like afterglow. Instant mood enhancer and slate cleaner, imbuing you with the motivation of a life coach! You immediately feel ready to take on whatever you need to.

We are extremely detail-oriented. We notice not-so-obvious areas that need to be cleaned where others may feel ready to skip to the next area.

In addition, our caring customer service and satisfaction guarantee mean that we always work hard to make things right if you are ever dissatisfied. Just call or email us, and we will make things right.

Does eco-friendly cleaning really make a difference for my health?

Absolutely! Despite all of the environmental contaminants in the “fresh air” outside, indoor air quality is known to be much worse than outdoor air quality. Chemicals from toxic paints, nail polish and cleaning products, as well as off-gassing of vinyl, plastics and other materials, all contribute to indoor air contamination. There’s very little opportunity for dirty indoor air to escape, particularly in our climate where we have the windows closed either because it’s too hot or too cold!

Unfortunately, we spend most of our time indoors, so making a conscious effort to protect the quality of the air that we breathe is vital. The health risks of polluted indoor air are well documented. As one example, children who are exposed to ‘regular’ toxic cleaning products are at a much higher risk of developing asthma. Not exactly our idea of clean.

People make healthier choices as they become more informed. This is why we eat clean, exercise, watch what we apply to our skin, recycle, and use our green bins. Cleaning ‘clean’ is a smart, obvious part of living clean.

Are your cleaning supplies safe for my kids and pets (who are usually on the floor)?

Absolutely. Because our natural home cleaning products are non-toxic and chemical-free, kids and pets are free to frolic as kids and pets do.

Will I actually get a deep clean and proper disinfection from eco-friendly products?

Yes!! The excellent earth-friendly chemistry used to develop our chemical-free products show that nature packs a most powerful cleaning punch. We would never clean with products that didn’t disinfect. (What’s the point of that?)

How are your prices determined?

Size matters as does frequency…by which we mean the size of your home or office space and how often you want to see us there. For home cleaning, we also consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and if there’s a finished basement that also needs cleaning.

Do I pay by the hour or by the amount of work you do?

You pay a set cost per visit, which is determined through your quote. The only exception is our Superior Service option, which is our initial deep clean to get your place up-to-snuff. (We highly recommend it, but it’s entirely your choice.) This service is billed by the hour. We speak with you to get a few details up front in order to provide you with a surprise-free quote.

What methods of payment do you accept?

For your convenience, mona accepts payment via credit card, email money transfer or cheque (payable to ‘mona home and office cleaning inc.’)

Are your staff insured?

Most definitely. We’re covered so you don’t have to worry. We are firm believers in working in a safe and trustworthy manner as much as we are believers in green cleaning and living. Our staff are insured, bonded, covered by WSIB and required to undergo a standard criminal reference check prior to their employment with mona. They are also required to pass a friendliness test. (Just kidding.) However, we do only seek out hard-working, genuine, dedicated people.

How long has mona been around for?

Since 2008.

Can you accommodate same day or last minute cleaning requests?

Maybe – just ask (416.628.4905). It might be a possibility, depending on staff availability that day.

Are mona clients required to sign a contract? I despise being locked into contracts!

No! We also despise contracts, and we don’t believe you should have to sign your life away just because you want to have an impeccably clean home or office. You choose when to start and end your relationship with us. We stand behind the quality of our service, and we always welcome your feedback in order to meet your needs more effectively.

Do your staff arrive on time for appointments?

Yes. When you book with us, we provide you with a one-hour arrival window. We respect you and your time, and we arrive within that time window unless something crazy delays us like a major snowstorm, in which case we would notify you immediately.

What if something comes up and I need to cancel service on a particular day?

Plans change, we understand. Please give us a call 24 hours in advance to let us know, and we will gladly reschedule your appointment.

How do I contact you regarding a customer service issue?

We genuinely care about making you happy and properly meeting your needs. Please contact us because we’re eager to course-correct and make things right. Call (416.628.4905) or email us (mona@monacleaning.com).

Are weekend and evening appointments available? What about holidays?

We love our clients and try our best to meet everyone’s needs while considering the work-life balance of our staff. Evening appointments are available for office cleaning where daytime cleaning is not feasible for your business. Weekend appointments are generally not available for home or office cleaning, but please call us to discuss your needs. We will do our best to accommodate any unique circumstances.

Although we are closed on stat holidays, we are happy to accommodate your pre-holiday or pre-event cleaning requests so that you can show off your home or office in style during those special celebrations. (Pssst, we are also available to clean up after your guests following these special events.)

How far in advance do I have to make an appointment?

Ideally, a week in advance. Whether you’re giving us little notice or lots of notice, we would be happy to take your call and will do our best to accommodate you based on our availability.

How do I know who is coming to my home or office?

It will generally be the same person or team visiting your place each time. We’re all creatures of habit, so this seems to work best. There are, of course, exceptions to this in cases of sickness or vacation.

Do I have to be home for cleaning visits?

No, this is entirely up to you. If you’re not going to be home, we will make the necessary arrangements with you to access your home and secure it afterwards.

How do you get my stainless steel to look SO amazing? I really need to know!

The secret is an AMAZINGLY effective and versatile product called “Universal Stone”. Universal Stone is a natural cleaning product that is eco-friendly and harmless…except when this strong silent type unleashes its full grime-busting power on grout, tubs, sterling silver, carpet stains, shower doors, glass, white trim, wood, ceramic cooktops, any stone – granite, marble, travertine, soapstone, and impossible-to-clean pots and pans! It’s almost too good to be true how effective this natural home cleaning product is!

One client actually challenged us recently with a carpet stain. Not just any old carpet stain. A crazy red Sharpie stain on white carpet. (What the what?!) And our staff, without hesitation, put Universal Stone to work. The end result? A stainless white carpet and a very happy, very thankful customer.

Pssst, we sell Universal Stone to our clients and even non-clients so that they can experience its awesomeness on-demand, whenever they want. Just call us (416.628.4905) or email us to find (mona@monacleaning.com) out more details and to place your order.

Is all of the waste created during the cleaning visit recyclable/compostable?

Great question. We use reusable, machine washable microfiber cloths and mop heads to get the job done, so we actually don’t create any throwaway waste! To prevent icky cross-contamination, the cloths and mop are your own cloths and mop. (Likewise, we do not bring vacuums and brooms with us – we just use your stuff for your home or office.) We provide the cloths to you initially, one colour for kitchen and living areas, a second colour for bathrooms. You simply pop the cloths and mop head into your hottest, toughest washer cycle after each visit, and then we start fresh the next time.

How can I trust the quality of your work? Can I see testimonials from previous clients?

Definitely. We think we’re awesome, but more importantly our clients feel this way too! Mona is the proud recipient of the Markham Economist’s 2014 Readers’ Choice Award for Cleaning Service. This award validates our vision and hard work as we strive to grow a socially conscious company that is good for people and the planet. We invite you to browse the testimonials left by our clients on HomeStars (hyperlink).

Questions for mona?

Questions for mona? Or are you ready to take the plunge? In either case, we would be thrilled to hear from you!