Outstanding eco-friendly home and office cleaning
services that relieve the stress of you:

having to clean
exposing your family and pets to toxic cleaning chemicals
losing time and money buying eco-friendly cleaning products and battling the ickiness yourself
(assuming that you are actually psyched about cleaning)

Find out more about how our services support healthier, eco-friendly living while giving you back your time.


It’s only natural to wonder about
the company cleaning your home

Our home and office cleaning services deliver peace of mind for busy
homeowners and business owners who don’t have time to manage yet
another relationship. Learn more about us here. We weren’t always wholesome…


Like spots on the mirror, unanswered
questions make us uneasy.
Help yourself to a smorgasbord
of answers. Inquiring minds need
not look any further. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions!

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What’s mona really all about?
Does mona just talk the talk?
More than just your local eco-friendly
cleaning service, we foster a community
of healthy living, eco-awareness and
inspired feel-good sharing.

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